Easy Household Tips For Cleaning Outside Of The Gutters

Everyone wants a furnished interior and does everything to keep it look tidy and beautiful.

Let it be your porch, beautifully painted walls embellished with wallpapers, small cozy garden with trimmed grass, but nobody pays attention towards their gutter, every member of your family procrastinates to clean that stinky messy and dirty gutter which always got clogged due to our ignorance.

But with a simple gutter cleaning solution provided by Sunshine Gutters South services, one can easily clean the gutter with minimum effort.

Let’s make a mind map of how to clean the outside of the gutter with convenience into easy steps.


Not having a basic idea of appropriate cleaning tools and types of equipment that could be easily spotted inside your room itself, take a look into your storeroom and make a list of your scrap materials.



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One has to always keep a collection of brushes when they have different types of materials-based gutters.

For Metals/Non-metals

(If you have any of the below you can scrap off the snaggy gutter dirt)

  • Metal brushes(not for metals)
  • Hedgehog/Bottlebrush
  • Scrub brush
  • Car wash brush
  • Deck brush
  • Cylinder shaped brush
  • Half rounded brushes
  • L shaped brushed (for corners)


Nowadays many types of smart gutter cleaners had come to market but you can have these handy ones, to avoid ladder climbing or kneeling.

  • Gutter grabber to collect debris
  • Combisystem gutter cleaner
  • Telescope gutter cleaner
  • Angle broom gutter cleaner(which can clean your gutter at any angle)
  • Gutter cleaner with movable head, etc.


  • Garden water hose
  • Foam
  • Spray gun
  • Gutter Vaccum( if you want to spend some money then could opt for it)
  • Safety eyeglass
  • Face mask (to prevent any dust entering your mouth)
  • Extendable pole
  • Rubber gloves/steel wool pads( don’t use them for aluminum)
  • Old Rags


Here one should choose very carefully, as some materials can erode your metallic gutter if chosen wrong, so be particular.

  1. Cream of tartar (can come useful in case of an Aluminium gutter guard)
  2. Water
  3. Liquid detergent
  4. Expired liquid dishwasher
  5. White vinegar, etc.



  • Always start with scraping off the dirt and dry leaves with a perfect scraper, keep your face mask on and wear hand gloves as it can start itching on your body parts.
  • Start cleaning the gutter with help of an extension pole and the above-mentioned brushes suitable to your preferences.
  • Moses or algae that are caked all over the gutter can leave black surface stains called ‘ Tiger stains’ that commonly occurred due to overflow of excessive rainwater, these can be removed with a gutter stain cleaner and after cleaning all these, you can go for a Gutter installation service, installing leaf filters and resisting tiger stains.
  • After that, you can use the vacuum cleaner to completely dirt-free.
  • Use a Gutter Stain cleaner, you can use two gallons of water and mix two teaspoons of white vinegar/liquid detergent/dishwasher/cream of tartar with it, apply this solution with a help of a spray gun and leave it for half an hour,
  • Scrub with foam or with help of a rag to the applied area.
  • Wash the area with the help of a garden water hose and let it dry, your gutter is now dirt-free.

Hope these tips and gutter cleaning advice could ease your gutter cleaning problems.


Sunshine gutter south company offers a variety of gutter services that are cheap and affordable, after cleaning the gutter you can call us or can directly visit our website for knowing the process of our gutter installation services.

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