Guitar repair has been a major cause of concern for every house resident or commercial building holder. You might be dealing with various problems in your day-to-day life but with gutters, the problems are common. If you address the gutter problems in time, then you might save a huge amount of money for yourself.

Gutters being the most exterior and integral parts of any building, are also the most exposed structure to weather conditions. Considering global warming and the highly fluctuating weather, gutter problems are more often witnessed nowadays. Based on the material and type of gutter, the problems may vary. Hence, opting for advanced gutters, which are made with highly durable and efficient quality, can be a wise choice!

Common gutter problems can come into existence due to wrong gutter installation, missed gutter cleaning schedules, ignored damages and leakages, and much more.

Here in this read, we are going to enlist the type of gutter problems you may face.

Clogged gutters

The most common problem with gutters is clogging. Clogged gutters may impede the water flow. As the rainwater drainage isn’t maintained it leads to gutter problems. The reason behind the clogging of gutters is if you have

  • Traditional gutters that have seams and hardware on the inside
  • If you have not maintained regular cleaning schedules
  • If your garden is not maintained and the trees in the garden are not trimmed,

The factors mentioned above may contribute to the clogging of the gutter.

The accumulation of the debris and the dead waste from your plants can lead to heavy clogging in the gutter, leading to an even rainwater drainage system.

The consequences of having clogged cutters can be

  • Foundation damage
  • Basement flooding
  • Damage to other exterior structures
  • Mold and mildews

Wrong gutter pitch

Gutter Services

If the gutter installation has not been done properly the gutters don’t work efficiently.

To maintain the gutter efficiency, the flow of the water should be directed towards the downspout. This downspout is usually placed away from the foundation of your home. The pitch grade of a normal gutter holds is 1/4 of an inch for every 10 feet.

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To identify the pitch problem, you can simply look for the gutters that are holding water, despite being clear and having no debris in it. If it has no debris and still, the water is getting collected in the gutters, then you must check for the pitch problem and consult the gutter specialist to address it.

Leaky gutters

If your gutters are leaking and you are not able to figure out what is the reason? Then you must consult a gutter specialist. There could be small holes or cracks in the gutter which can leak. Repairing these holes and cracks can be done by using caulk or patches either DIY or hiring a gutter specialist. You can ask for a professional inspection of the leakages to address the leakages. We at Sunshine Gutters South offer a free inspection, call us now!

Falling Gutters

Are your gutters pulled apart from your home? Are they saggy? If any of this happens, you need new hangers to be installed. Replacing your old hangers with new ones can definitely help you to solve the problem of falling gutters.

This incident may be a result of gutters filled with debris, too much weight in the gutters cannot be held by the hangers. Hence, the heavier gutters tend to pull off from your home.

Pest in the gutter

The sight of pests in the gutter can be a dreadful one. If your gutters are not cleaned at least twice a year, this may happen. Pests breed best in the moist environment and debris in your gutter is the best place for the habitat. There can be insects, rodents, or even birds living in your gutters.

It can be very unsafe for you and your family if they reside there for a longer period.

Pest in the gutter will damage the gutters as well by making them heavier, dirtier, and more susceptible to damage.

So always keep an eye out for the pest in the gutter.

A Preventive Measure For All The Problems

There can be various solutions to the gutter problems with respect to the degree of severity. But one preventive measure can prevent all gutter problems from happening. Installing a good quality gutter protection system from an experienced service provider can help you alot. Gutter covers or leaf guards on your gutter can save a lot of money that can be spent on the repair of the damages.  The damages caused to the gutter can be avoided simply by installing these gutter covers. These gutter covers come in various types of material and are usually placed over your gutters in the form of a hood. The gutter covers are best known for preventing the entry of all the plant, leaf waste, and pests into your gutters.  This can keep your gutter free-flowing. It helps to avoid all the problems that could be the result of an unclean gutter.

Not only this, but it can save you a lot of money that you spend each year on gutter repair. Nevertheless, it is still very important to maintain regular cleaning schedules for your gutter.

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Gutter problems are very common and it can be easier to deal with them when you have the right gutter specialist as a service companion. Choosing Sunshine Gutters South could be a wise choice. We at Sunshine Gutters South have a team of expert and experienced gutter specialists capable of dealing with all the gutter problems. We are the most trusted gutter service provider across California. Installation, repair, or cleaning services provided by us are top-notch, call us right away and get a solution to all your problems right away!

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