Gutter Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Life

Roof gutters are a very important aspect of a home’s drainage system. They hold several important benefits of preserving the foundation and beauty of your homes, therefore, they need to be protected and preserved. People having rain gutters installed must have complete knowledge about keeping the gutters maintained and updated. During a rainstorm, what gutters do is help in the smooth flow of rainwater to the downspouts thereby preventing any leakage in the foundation or the roofs.

It is believed that if the owners of such buildings were aware of the appropriate way to update and clean rain gutters, the chances of injuries, deaths, and damages to the foundation and roof would be very limited. To bring this task onto the track, certain cleaning tips can make you learn how to clean gutters safely


Things to be considered while using a Ladder-

While using a ladder to clean rain gutters, several factors should be k-bing that to clean the gutter system.

  • It is advisable to use a safe and sturdy ladder. You may check if your ladder has a small shelf that is strong enough to hold a five-gallon bucket, which can be used in future to hold debris. Also, you should ensure that the bucket is secured with a lanyard.
  • When considering cleaning a single-storey building, you should choose a four-legged step ladder, whereas, when considering a two-storey or a multi-storey building, you should choose an extension ladder.
  • You should know in detail why an orchard ladder is not used because it has three legs which usually become unbalanced.
  • Not only an orchard ladder but even a wooden ladder also is not recommended due to its chances of getting unbalanced.
  • One of the sturdiest ladders is the fibreglass ones, which are also the heaviest.

Gutter cleaning

You should Utilize a Garden Hose-

While using a garden hose, you should keep in mind to use a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. This is advised as this particular nozzle lets you adjust the pressure of the water with just one hand. Not only this, a pistol grip trigger spray nozzle is easy to get hanged over the front edge of the gutter, either while moving a ladder or by using a gutter scoop. You should also keep in mind that this spray nozzle can be bought from any hardware store.

You may use a Gutter Scoop-

One of the easy ways to clean gutters is to scoop out the debris from the gutters using a gutter scoop. You should ensure that you use a plastic scooping tool and not a metal scooping tool, as they can damage the bottom as well as the seams of the gutters. Also, if you scrape and scratch the bottom area, it can open areas to rust.

You should work and also protect your hands-

You should remember to protect your hands before knowing how to clean roof gutters. The debris that needs to be cleaned from the gutters might contain bird, pigeon, squirrel droppings that are ridden with bacteria. You can protect your hands with gloves in this case. You may also use cotton gloves if you want the dirty water to be soaked up as it exposes skin to bacteria.

You should wear rubber shoes-

It is recommended to wear rubber-soled shoes while roof and gutter cleaning as they adhere best and tend to prevent slip and fall accidents. You should try to walk during late mornings or early afternoons.

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